5 legendary players who will play their last FIFA World Cup 2022

The last World Cup for five players: We are currently less than two months away from the 2022 FIFA. The pinnacle competition for the beautiful game is there, and many of the top talents will compete there.

For some of the finest footballers of a generation, the 2022 FIFA World Cup may be their final competition. Many modern-day legends are now in the latter stages of their careers and are unlikely to still be alive when the 2026 edition is released.

Here are five iconic forwards who will likely participate in their final FIFA World Cup this year. Without further ado. The last World Cup for five players.

5 legendary players who will playing their last FIFA World Cup
5 legendary players who will play their last FIFA World Cup
The List of Last 5 players, in 2022 World Cup
5. Thomas Müller (Germany) will play his last FIFA World Cup
5 Thomas Muller (Germany)
Germany v Italy: UEFA Nations League – League Path Group 3
Over the years, Germany’s World Cup idol has been Thomas Muller. In 16 World Cup appearances for Die Mannschaft, he has tallied 10 goals and six assists. Muller has made 116 appearances for his country’s national team, making 116 appearances in all competitions.

He has, needless to add, played a crucial role for the German national team for at least a decade. Muller is expected to play a key role in Hansi Flick’s team as they attempt to atone for their early exit from the 2018 FIFA World Cup.
At 33 years old, the forward for Bayern Munich won’t likely play in the 2026 World Cup.

4. Robert Lewandowski (Poland) will play his last FIFA World Cup
4 Robert Lewandowski (Poland)
Poland v Sweden: Knockout Round Play-Offs – 2022 FIFA World Cup Qualifie
Perhaps the finest striker in the league right now is Robert Lewandowski. He won the European Golden Shoe in the last two seasons, and he’s presently having a great season with his new team, Barcelona. Lewandowski was essential in helping Poland qualify for the World Cup as well.

He has a very impressive track record with the national squad. In 132 appearances in all competitions for Poland, the 34-year-old has 76 goals and 28 assists in his international career.

Accorfing to the EASPN SPORTS: By the time the 2026 World Cup rolls around, Lewandowski will be 38, and we fear that he won’t be playing anymore by then.

3. Neymar Jr. (Brazil) will play his last FIFA World Cup 2022
3 Neymar Jr. (Brazil) playing her last FIFA World Cup 2022
Japan v Brazil – International Friendly
One of the finest attackers in the current age is Neymar Jr. He is a delight to watch on the football field because of his dexterous movements and extraordinary vision. For Brazil, Neymar has been incredibly productive on the international stage.

Neymar, who is admittedly not as young as the other athletes on this list, is not expected to be playing in the 2026 FIFA World Cup. He acknowledged that the 2022 FIFA World Cup may be his final tournament in Neymar & The Line Of Kings, an exclusive documentary on DAZN. By way of Business Standard, he stated:

I consider it to be my last because I’m not sure whether I still have the mental fortitude to deal with football. “DAZN’s exclusive new documentary, Neymar & The Line Of Kings.” As a result, I’ll go above and beyond to perform well, support my nation, and realise my biggest desire since I was a young child. I’m hoping I can pull it off.
Neymar has made 119 appearances for the Brazil national team, making 74 goals and contributing 53 assists. More than one goal and an assist are scored per game.

2. Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal) will play his last FIFA World Cup
Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal)
Portugal v Switzerland: UEFA Nations League – League Path Group 2
One of the best football players of all time is Cristiano Ronaldo. He is without a doubt the best goal scorer the sport has ever seen. With 117 goals in 189 games for the Portugal national team, Ronaldo is the top scorer in men’s international football.

The 37-year-old player appears to be nearing the end of his career, and he will be 41 by the time the 2026 World Cup rolls around. Being the incredible machine that he is, we won’t be surprised if he survives, but it seems rather improbable.
This World Cup may very well be the five-time Ballon d’Or winner’s final one.

The List of last World Cup for five players.

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